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Export formatted content to Excel without printing engine

This page demonstrates how HTML content can be exported to excel without losing the formatting.
First the content of the demo report is copied into an APEX item and made suitable for Excel import. This is done using custom JavaScript (see JavaScript tab).
Then the page is submitted with the request EXPORT_EXCEL and upon load the content of the APEX item containing the HTML is downloaded as a file.


More information in this blogpost

Demo Report

department 10 - ACCOUNTING7782CLARKMANAGER783909-06-81
department 10 - ACCOUNTING7839KINGPRESIDENT17-11-81
department 10 - ACCOUNTING7934MILLERCLERK778223-01-82
department 20 - RESEARCH7876ADAMSCLERK778812-01-83
department 20 - RESEARCH7902FORDANALYST756603-12-81
department 20 - RESEARCH7566JONESMANAGER783902-04-81
department 20 - RESEARCH7788SCOTTANALYST756609-12-82
department 20 - RESEARCH7369SMITH23CLERK790217-12-80
department 30 - SALES17499ALLENSALESMAN769820-02-81300
department 30 - SALES17698BLAKEMANAGER783901-05-81
department 30 - SALES17900JAMESCLERK769803-12-81
department 30 - SALES17654MARTINSALESMAN769828-09-811400
department 30 - SALES17844TURNERSALESMAN769808-09-810
department 30 - SALES17521WARDSALESMAN769822-02-81500

HTML content

APEX objects


Process pointAfter processing
Target > Target850
Targte > Advanced > RequestEXPORT_EXCEL
Condition > TypeRequest = Value
Condition > ValueEXPORT_EXCEL